Saturday, May 12, 2012

Coach Jessica

The 12:00 pace group had a team dinner Wednesday, and the pace coach asked me what my plans were for next season. Then I get a Facebook message from him asking again. I had been wavering back and forth, but after the Pig I was pretty much decided: Training for a full, staying around a 12:00 pace. Likely Columbus again, but of course that's still negotiable!

Then I got asked to coach the 12:00 pace team!! I'm excited!!

It has been a fun yet exhausting few days. Wednesday night was the Team 12 celebration, Thursday night was the 10:30 celebration. Friday was a super fun barbecue at Fleet Feet. Today I finally got back to teaching and had a great class!

Team 12 dinner at Champps.


  1. Awesome!! You will be an asset to the group, I am sure. So glad to have you as a fellow coach! :)

  2. Congrats on being asked to coach!