Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shopping in Columbus: Earth Fare

I finally got around to checking out the new Earth Fare store in Columbus, at Gemini Place, and it was fantastic!

It was slightly cheaper than Whole Foods, but not by much. But, the stuff on sale was really on sale so I found some great deals!! I found the store really easy to navigate and the Gluten Free stuff was really easy to find. I was there a half hour before close and the staff was really helpful. One guy was able to answer all of my questions about protein bars and helped me find a good one. Then another worker was really apologetic that they didn't have any Gluten Free ravioli ("no, we really should," she said) and then she took me on a tour of the freezer section and pointed out all kinds of yummy things I could eat.

I just checked and they post their sales online so I can check from month to month to see what the deals are. 

I just polished off the Gluten Free Mac and Cheese I bought. Next time I'll get the GF stuffed shells :)

Here's the loot I scored (my washer has become the unofficial staging area for food finds): 

For $42 I got:
1 organic watermelon
Frozen GF Mac & Cheese Dinner
2 jars of pomegranate fruit spread with organic cane sugar as the sweetener ($2.50 each, on sale, cheaper than Smuckers!!) 
1 jar sunflower seed butter (we'll see how it is!)
GF, low-sodium soy sauce
GF peanut satay sauce (for the pad thai recipe I want to try soon)
4 boxes of GF pasta, 2 brown rice, 2 multigrain ($1.50 each, on sale)
5 Kind bars with protein ($1.50 each)

And bonus: The other day I meandered into Big Lots. Really good deals on dry goods! I scored the following for $9: 

4 bags Plantain chips
2 jars pineapple salsa
1 bag white rice
1 bag brown rice

Now that I'm well stocked, it's time to stay away from stores for a little while!

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  1. Ooo I'm going to have to check them out! have you ever been to the raisin on shrock in westerville? It's a pretty big health food store too, bigger than most i've seen.