Friday, May 4, 2012

Marathon music spring 2012 edition

To say that the nerves are kicking in would be a vast understatement.

So here's another music post! It will take the place of my normal spinning playlist because I didn't make one this week, I just used old ones.

I'm also so bummed, the Flying Pig doesn't post split times to Facebook and Twitter like the other races do, so I'll try to do a quick update on my phone as soon as I can after the race.

Here's what I'm super excited to listen to during the Pig:

Girl Talk Girl Talk Girl Talk!!! Free downloads here:

Love me some Matt & Kim! I have two of their albums loaded up onto my iPod.

Bruce Springsteen has been my favorite thing to run to since Day 1.

Florence and the Machine is my latest obsession.

As is Halestorm.

P!nk is of course an old classic.

Smack me if you want, but I love Lady Gaga.

I'll never run a marathon without my Cleveland finishing song! Beatles -- Long and Winding Road.

Or my theme song for this training session, Lenny Kravitz, Stand.

I'm loaded up on My Chemical Romance. Hopefully I'll be climbing a hill to this song, Welcome to the Black Parade, just like I always do in spin!

Avril Lavigne always makes me want to punch somebody. That's good during a race.

I've been enjoying some Dr. Dog lately.

Lastly, Kings of Leon are good for the complacent miles.

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