Friday, May 25, 2012

I love a good bargain

(Off topic post!!) My mission today was to find a couple short sleeved shirts for work. After my assignment in Columbus, I plugged "Old Navy" into my navigation and headed towards Reynoldsburg. But, on impulse, I kept going on I-70 past an exit. 

I've been to the Goodwill in Buckeye Lake before, for apartment furnishings, so I figured I'd try my luck with clothes. I pulled up, and a sign outside was beckoning me: "All short sleeved shirts, on sale!" Score! Then I walk inside, and all clothing with a green tag was 99 cents. BAM! 

I made a trip to the fitting room with an armful of shirts and came out with five. Then I started rummaging through the rest of the clothes for green tags.

The end result:
-5 shirts for work
-7 tank tops
-2 pairs of shorts
-2 pairs of capris for work
-3 pairs of shoes
-One purse (badly needed, thanks to a slight incident with a bottle of body spray last week :-P)


(I'm very proud of myself.)

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