Wednesday, February 27, 2013

App review: It's RUNtastic

I said RIP to my Garmin 305 a few months back. My poor, trusty watch stopped sinking, then the battery didn't last as long, then it stopped working altogether.

I have yet to get a new one. I'm focused more on a new bike. Instead I've been playing with a number of different smart phone apps. They don't replace the watch -- I have to leave them at home if the weather is bad, for one, but they work for now.

I've tried several, but one app stands out among all others. It's RUNtastic. Normally it's a paid app, but I got it for free on one of those daily special deals.

It tracks everything -- pace, distance, elevation, everything the Garmin does. And it syncs automatically -- I think I can get it to autopost to DailyMile. I need to change the social media settings, I think the postings to Facebook are a little excessive.

The interface is so easy to use, and I love the data. Screenshot:

Training this week has been exhausted. I didn't get up this morning, as I should have. Now I'm on the fence about taking tonight off. It's the final snow race... I should get a swim in, but I'm sleepy.

I'm thinking my best bet will be to regroup tonight and go hard tomorrow.

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