Friday, February 8, 2013

T1: Strength to Cardio

For the past six months, I’ve shelved any kind of aggressive cardio (with the exception of an occasional 100-mile bike ride) in favor of strength training, and I’ve even tossed in some agility training toward the end.

Thank you Trainer Matt, it’s paid off. I can do man pushups now. (A few.) My running time has improved significantly, pulling sub-9s on shorter runs. I’m putting more resistance on the spin bike. I’m getting way more confident in the pool.

With 22 weeks until race day, it’s time to scale back the strength training and again follow a cardio routine.

I’ve settled on a HIM training plan from Beginner Triathlete. I like it because it’s detailed. I’m going to start Monday, so my week will look like this:

Monday: 40 min run, 40 min swim

Tuesday: 30 min run, 60 min bike

Wednesday: 30 min swim

Thursday: 60 min run

Friday: 30 min swim, 45 min bike

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 90 minute bike

In addition I’m starting a Crossfit-style program at the Downtown Fitness Club, just twice a week. Enjoying it so far!

Mission: Don’t die. 

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