Sunday, March 3, 2013

PiYo training complete

Fingers crossed that once I get a routine down pat I'll have a new format to teach, and it's coming at a great time!

Today I went through BeachBody's day-long PiYo Strength training, a pilates-yoga fusion. They teach a number of different formats, Turbokick (absolutely interested), Hip Hop Hustle (not interested) and it looks like they'll be adding in some Insanity (not a huge fan.)

The training was my first exposure to the exact format. I've taken PiYo before but it was more half pilates/half yoga. I enjoy traditional pilates classes, I like what yoga does for me but the time creeps by actually doing it.

This format is extremely dynamic. It includes the traditional movements but it flows, it's constantly moving, and it's challenging. I think practicing it will be a good complement to my triathlon training.

I don't like how they want you to teach a prescribed choreography to prescribed music, in teaching total body sculpt I've really enjoyed coming up with my own routines, but this will be a good way to start.

I'd highly recommend the training!

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