Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bonk week: rest, bouncing back, then bonking again!

Musselman is two weeks from today, and with the exception of yesterday I've been living in bonk-land.

I took three days off then shuffled through a slow, painful three mile run and 30 minute swim Thursday. Gave it about 50% in class Friday.

Miraculously, I had a wonderful run with Fleet Feet Saturday morning, and I again remembered how wonderful it was to run with a big group. Since I had to do more I got to Mendon early to eek out 1.5 (had hoped for more but you know how rainy mornings go).

I had planned on running with the 12:00 pace group, but no one there was running ten miles. The pace leader was wonderful and helped me make sure I knew where I was going and wouldn't be alone! I ended up joining the 11:30s.

But three miles in, my heart rate was high, it was crazy humid and the hills were kicking my butt. Fortunately a girl in the group, Megan, was wanting to slow down too so we dropped back to the 12s, and we kept going after they finished their six. She was a great running partner and the miles flew by!

(Though there was a Nathan rep at the parking lot and when we stopped to refuel I think he scuffed at me off brand hydration pack!)

I arrived at my HIIT 11 am spin class in the nick of time, fully planning on faking it, but I surprised myself. By the end of the class I was pushing the intervals hard with the rest of the group (and they were killing it.)

I relaxed the rest of the day, and went to see a play that was a fundraiser for an initiative here in town.

Today (Sunday), it was back to bonk land.

It didn't help that I took Benedryl the night before, I made the epic mistake of rubbing my eyes after petting my buddy Stevie the cat. I slept until an ungodly hour, and when I woke up, save a dog walk, and it took until about three to get up and do anything productive.

I tried to get out for my three hour bike, 30 minute run, the last hurdle before taper land, but the legs said no almost immediately.

So now, I'm at the cafe at the new East Ave Wegmans, sipping on an iced coffee and trying to regroup. My diet has been horrid all week, so I'm looking up some power food recipes to help me get back up and going.

I CAN do this!

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