Friday, June 3, 2011

New Rules of Lifting for Women Take 2

I started the New Rules of Lifting for Women program earlier this year, but abandoned strength training altogether when our mileage got really high. My friend Kim reminded me of it last week, so I decided to give it another shot, now that our weekday runs are back to 3-4 miles.

When I tried the program the first time, I made the mistake of using heavier weights right off the bat. The program starts with more reps and then decreases, and the weight is supposed to get heavier. Toward the end of the first set I would have had to lunge with 30 pound weights, and that was just asking for injury.

But, when your weekday runs reach 6-8 miles, it's not like you have much time for anything else, anyway!

I started with Stage 1 this week, and I don't feel like I did to badly. I was sore, but not to the extent I had last week when I was experimenting with a few other programs! I think, too, I started off with a reasonable amount of weight, so I have room to increase.

The thing I love about this program is that it is incredibly efficient. Each move works multiple muscles so it only takes a half hour max.

The nice thing about the Y is that the women's center has most of the equipment I need for this, so I don't need to wade through masses of muscley tattooed men to get a turn on the cross cable machine.

Here's what the first two sessions looked like. Squats and lunges were supposed to be body weight only, but that seemed too easy so I modified it.

TUESDAY: Stage 1 workout A
Squats 2 x 15 w/ 10 lb weights
Pushups 2 x 15 (I've lost a ton of upper body strength, these were hard!)
Seated row (cross cable): 2 x 15 @ level 5 (?)
Stepups 2 x 15 on bench w/ 5 lb weights
Jackknives on ball 2 x 8

FRIDAY: Stage 1 workout B
Deadlifts 2 x 15 @ 25
Lat pulldowns 2 x 15 @ 25
Shoulder presses 2 x 15 w/ 8 lb weights
Lunges 2 x 15 w/ 10 lb weights
Ball crunches 2 x 8

When the reps go down to 12 I'll probably keep the same weight on some, just because it will add up too quickly otherwise!

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  1. Great work, Jessica!! :) I agree, the muscley tattooed men can be scary! LOL!