Thursday, June 30, 2011

2011's halfway done: 626 miles logged

2011 is halfway done, and thanks to Cleveland Marathon training I've logged 626 miles.

My top week was Apr. 18-24, with 44 miles logged. There was only one week I didn't run at all -- the one after Cleveland. There were only two weeks where I ran fewer than 10 miles, and 5 where I ran fewer than 20.

Miles by the month:

Miles by the week: 

The past year in training: 

The thought of this many donuts and cheezburgers gives me a tummy ache :)

So, lifetime to date I have 1,060 miles. Here are the lifetime stats:

I think 1,200 for 2011 is a reasonable goal!

107 days til Columbus!!


  1. Super impressive, Jessica!!! You will hit that goal, no problem!

  2. Awesome!! That is so inspiring to me! Keep up the great work, girl!!!