Sunday, June 5, 2011

Race report: Warrior Dash 2011

I just decided to make a new post with the entire report. Check it out here!

Original post:

I emerged from the woods covered head to toe in mud, I later counted seven scrapes and bruises, but I conquered the Warrior Dash.

It was brutal.

It was awesome.

I ran it with my college friend Evelyn and my MIT friend Beth. I honestly don't know our time, and don't care! We took it slow and had fun!

The Warrior Dash was Saturday and Sunday in Hocking Hills (Logan, Ohio). It was a 5K race with some massive hills, a junkyard and tires to run, a pool with logs to conquer, tunnels, planks to walk, a wall to jump over, fire to leap over, a cargo net and several mud pits. All fun. 



The only obstacle I couldn't do was the biggest wall. I beat my knee up pretty bad jumping off the previous obstacle, so I went around it.

I'd write more but I am so sleepy. Will update tomorrow, stay tuned :) 


  1. That is so cool - great job! I really missed out on this one - it looks so fun! I was just not too sure if my knee would hold up.....can't wait to hear more!

  2. That looks like a great time! :) Congrats!

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