Saturday, July 7, 2012

Jessica's lack-of-power struggle, Monday

NOTE: This harrowing tale was originally recorded using the ancient methods of a pencil and paper. It was transcribed Monday night in a format easily readable by others (because no one can read my handwriting) and set to autopost throughout the week.

Translation: Jessica was unable to watch “My Name is Earl” reruns on Netflix after a nasty windstorm knocked out power for several days, so she continued to blog on paper. She watches too many apocalyptic movies, so the second she has access to Netflix you will find her motionless on the couch rewatching “The Stand”, because that’s what she’s been comparing her experiences to all weekend (even though they didn’t have smart phones or iPods). Oh, and also the #Anniesmove episode of Community.


Dark newsroom.
Monday, 1 p.m.: I have limited computer and Internet access here at work, but no time to play online, so while they have us shut down to install and ultra-mega-generator, I’m going to continue to “blog” on paper.

There’s still no power at home, and we were working off a smaller generators at work, sharing computers and phone lines.

We just heard the words “power up”, back to work!

Monday, 9:30 p.m.: Lights are scheduled to come back on by noon tomorrow.

Normally, I’d take a promise like that with a grain of salt, but from what I saw and overheard at work today, and on Twitter, they really are making progress. Most of 21st Street is back online.

I’ll never complain about AEP again (though yes, I am leaving in just over a week so it’s a moot point). 
Small generators.

They’ve shipped in people from all over the country and they’re working 16-hour days to get us restored, and workers are sleeping in a tent city outside the Newark headquarters. With that said, it’s hard to be angry or impatient with them.

Work was interesting. It reminded me of the days at the Daily Kent Stater, where we worked crowded together on old Macs, sharing a call-back line with just enough Jessicas in the room to make it confusing (Abbey, Seth and Kurt were there, too). I wrote a story about scammers and contributed to the Twitter hashtags then called it a day. It was a bit freeing to say “feel free to text but my cell phone isn’t working in my apartment so there’s no reliable way to reach me.”

T-Mobile has been useless in the past 24 hours. If I put the phone in the kitchen window I get one bar. I get nothing at work. 

After work, I went to the Buckeye Lake Goodwill with another carload of donations, after calling and asking “do you have power?” as has become the new habit. I bought a cute dress, a jewelry box and a 50-cent cutting board (since I’m too lazy to dig out the ones I absentmindedly packed) and watched them put price tags on my stuff and put it on the shelves.
Big generator.

Since my lazy options have been nixed, I’ve made a ton of progress on the packing front. I just have my bedroom and bathroom to go, then a ton of cleaning.

I enjoyed a post-apocalyptic meal of jarred pickled veggies, tuna fish, black beans and salsa. Actually, it was pretty yummy.

Maybe the light switch will work when I wake up tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll return home from work and finally break the habit of flipping the light switch, only to be disappointed. In either case tonight I’m crashing on the couch, upstairs is quite toasty.

Being Amish wouldn’t be so bad… (I could keep my smartphone, right? Because tonight I’m getting very weak phone and data signals! Progress!!)

Part 6 will autopost at 8 a.m. tomorrow.


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