Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: Gluten Free Palace and Kaia Foods

Recently I used the daily deal site Gluten Free Saver to get coupons for Gluten Free Palace and Kaia Foods. Both coupons were $30 worth of stuff for $15.

These are sites I was both very impressed with, the stuff I have tried from both has been very good, but at the same time I likely won't be ordering from them again because their prices were so high. I think they might have been related because they looked similar.

From Kaia Foods I paid $15 for the coupon, $0.55 in additional costs, and $5 in shipping. For $20.55 (what would have been $35.55) I got:

  • Garlic and sea salt sprouted sunflower seeds
  • Sea salt and vinegar sprouted pumpkin seeds
  • Quite cheezy kale krunch 
  • Chockalet chip kale krunch
  • Organic chia seeds 
 I love the sunflower seeds! The kale krunch was yummy too, but for something that retails at $5.99 I was expecting a much bigger bag. I have yet to try the other things.

From Gluten Free Palace I paid $15 for the coupon and $12.38 in shipping. For $27.38 (normally $42.38) I got:

  • Gluten free chocolate and banana organic bars (5)
  • Gluten free blueberry breakfast bars (5)
  • Glenny's whole fruit and nut bars, cranberry and almond (12)
  • Gluten free chocolate peanut butter organic bars (5)
Normally a buck a protein bar is a good deal, but these things were tiny! They are really delicious, the chocolate peanut butter bars taste just like a granola bar, but again they were a bit overpriced! 


  1. I love Gluten Free Saver and I loved the Kaia foods deal. I got my shipment fast and the products were wonderfully delicious, too!

    Unfortunately I also bought the Gluten Free Palace voucher and my order was not as smooth as yours. I ordered five items (three breads and two bagels). It took them a full week to ship them. Then, when they finally arrived six days after shipping, three of them were MOLDY. I emailed them immediately and the reply did not come for two days... and all it did was ask me to be patient with us while we look into this problem . Five days later, and still no further response. I cannot say it enough, STAY AWAY from Gluten Free Palace!

  2. i ordered from gluten free palace i was so so happy got my order next day, nice packed, along with the order i got another coupon, i called them up to say thank u, they ofter me to join there auto ship progerm with a 10% discount on each order, also they updating there site every day with new product

    love it
    love it