Sunday, August 26, 2012

Highest month yet!

5 days left in August and I'm already having my highest month in traffic yet, with 2,414 hits. The previous record was May 2012 with 2,288.

To be fair, a lot of that traffic came from a since-expired Chicago Craigslist link to a post I did last month about Craigslist scams.

Friday I worked with the trainer, Saturday I spun then rode, today I did spin again then swam a half mile. Now I'm enjoying some much needed couch and TV time right now with Lizzie, who's a happy greyhound because I had a definite eyes-bigger-than-stomach moment when I made brunch not too long ago, and she's a big fan of eggs and sausage.

I love love loved both the classes I taught this weekend. Today's was huge!! 28 people, I've never had a class that big! They were all really enthusiastic and worked really hard (and, as I've become accustomed, thanked me for favoring the Rolling Stones over anything techno.)

Congrats to all my Columbus friends who ran the Emerald City Half Marathon in Dublin! I'm loving all the photos and race recaps on Facebook.

Now, in reruns of Lost, Sawyer just challenged the rest of the camp to a ping pong match and Hurley got the van running.


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