Monday, August 6, 2012

To half marathon or not to half marathon?

I'm in a total quandary over whether to shoot for a fall half marathon.

I'm thinking about it because I miss it! I miss racing! I want a new medal!

But I just can't run in this heat, and we all know how I feel about the dreadmill... (>:-O)

Here are my race options, if I do decide to go for it:

Rochester half marathon, Sept. 23
Pros: Close to home, cheaper, a good way to see my new city and get to know the running community
Cons: Too soon, would already be behind in training, might be really hot out race day

Wine Glass half marathon, Sept. 30
The ultimate pro: I mean, "wine" is in the title... come on now...
Other pros: Close to home, beautiful, easy course
Cons: Still sooner than I think I can be ready for, a bit pricey

Columbus marathon, Oct. 21
Pros: I was already planning on going to volunteer, the time frame works, it's cheaper
Cons: I've done it before, if I run it I can't volunteer and cheer everyone on

Ideally I'd want to do something in November or December... but there aren't a lot of options near me. Las Vegas in December would be amazing, but it's a bit out of reach. I found this half marathon that was done last year in Corning, but their website hasn't been updated so I don't know if there will be a race this year. There also appears to be some kind of trail race on Nov. 3 at Mendon Ponds, but I can't find much on that, either...

Another option would be to find some kind of bike ride! Must research :)

Update! I found a bike ride! The Highlander Cycle Tour through the Finger Lakes has a 41 mile option. Not expensive, perfect!

(I'm just in it for the bling.)

Beyond my running dilemma, life is good. I'm getting more and more settled and a learning my way through Rochester's spaghetti-like highway system. The job is just nuts. The days fly by so fast because I'm so busy. I've found a good gym and signed on as a substitute cycling instructor (when I sat down at my computer I meant to make my playlist but instead killed an hour writing this blog. Ooops.) More on that later!

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  1. Hi Jessica! I am thinking of signing up for the Rochester Full (need to get some long runs in). I have only done one road marathon, Rochester 2008. It was blazing hot and humid that year. But every year since has been nice. Don't know much about the other halfs or Highlander (heard it was hilly).

    I have done the Mendons Ponds Trail race before, I did the 20K last year and attempted the 50K once (got to 20 miles before I needed to get warm and dry). It's a cheap (no bling), $20 for 5K, 10K and 20K, $25 for 50K, 10K trial loop course. I am thinking of trying the 50K again. Last year's weather was perfect.

    Gotta go, time for a nice and easy run after a week layoff. I stretched my right achilles on a rock, kinda of hurt.