Saturday, February 19, 2011

Freakishly springlike and loving it

On Wednesday, I ran in short sleeves. On Friday I ran in shorts. What a wonderful week in Central Ohio! It was a little colder today, but still a great day to be out.

This week was a fallback, 10 miles, and that did seem short compared to last week's 15 miler. The next 3 weeks are 14-16-18, yelp yelp yelp! I thought we were going a little fast but we ended with an average pace of 10:20.

755 calories burned on the run. 1150 consumed at Panera after (what happens when you say yes, I will take a delicious chocolate chip cookie for $0.99). Hear that, Panera? You won... this time.

Fleet Feet actually got a halfway decent picture of me... stole this from their Facebook page (I'm in blue):

The uncropped version, me running with the wonderful 10:30 pace group:

And look at that beautiful trail, free of ice!

This week was definitely a fallback. I've had a nagging cold that I think I finally kicked. I totaled 24 miles. I also took spin class Wednesday and Friday, and did the New Rules of Lifting for Women Program Tuesday and Friday. 


  1. Nice picture! I never look that good running! ;)

  2. Ah yes, the tease of warmer weather! We're back to February like weather here in the mitten state.... Your body welcomes the fallback weeks.

  3. We had similar weather on the east coast last week too. I ran in shorts and a tee shirt on Weds. and shorts a thin long sleeve on Fri. Back to cold weather today though, in the thirties.

    Looks like your training is going well. I especially like the fact that you're doing some strength and cross-training too. And it's great to train with others. Good job!

    Before you know it, you'll be able to run with minimal clothing. Here' s hoping winter ends soon.