Monday, February 14, 2011

Mizuno Precision review: 168 miles in

I haven't posted about the Mizuno Wave Precision 11 since I first got them, so I figured now that they're halfway through their 350-mile life I'd do a quick review. Those miles add up pretty quickly when you're logging 20-30 a week!

It was a really weird feeling the first time I stepped on the treadmill with them, since they are much lighter than my old shoes, the Asics Kayanos. The first thing I noticed was that I wasn't striking with my heels as much -- that's a good thing.

They're much lighter. I know I was having lots of pains with the Kayanos toward the end, and they eased up almost instantaneously with the Precisions. The shin pain has been coming and going but I've barely had any knee pain since I got them.

I've been very careful, my weekly mileage is skyrocketing up with the marathon training, and overall these shoes have been a very good partner. Lighter has been better for me. Who knows, maybe I will become a barefoot running convert someday!


  1. Wow, only 350 miles in a pair of shoes? You are one tough runner, at least to your shoes........

  2. I'm just over 300 miles in my Brooks (Ghost 3) and starting to feel it, so new sneaks are definitely on my list. I have been looking at the Mizuno Wave Creation 11. I'll have to compare them to these. I also started in Kayanos, and they seriously made my feet hurt!

  3. Laura, you've found that the Ghost 3 wears fast too, huh? My Ghosts feel at 300 miles the same way my Pegasus felt at double that. I used to get 4 digit numbers on some of the mid-2000's Pegasus ('04-07ish), and I think I got a good 800 or so on the Pegasus 25-26, plus whatever I accumulated walking around because I'm one of *those* runners who doesn't bother to have separate shoes for non-running. I love the fit and feel of the Ghost (and really do not like the new Pegs), but I just feel like the foam doesn't last. I guess it's time to join the rest of the world that replaces their shoes every 300-500 miles haha.