Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winter warriors (and 30 miles in one week)

Last week I finally hit 30 miles for one week! That's with the CRRC Winter Run Sunday, which was half of it. Here's the graph for last week:

I'm looking at a few events prior to Cleveland. I probably will only do one, two max. I'm dying to get off-road (and by that, I don't mean on the treadmill). This looks like a fun one... The Great Seal Trail Run March 26 in Chillicothe. But I don't think it will fit in too well with my training schedule, I either have to do 18 or 20, depending on if I am still following the Cincy schedule or if I am following Cleveland's by that point.

A perfect fit would be the Earth Day Challenge half marathon in Gambier April 17, when I have 12 scheduled. I'm not sure if it's an actual trail run or a paved trail.

This week my training will be a little off because I did my long run Sunday instead of Saturday. Tomorrow I'm taking off, for obvious reasons. I'm going to shoot for a slow 4 Tuesday, 6 Wednesday, 6 (hills) Thursday, and a slow 4 Friday. (continued)

Then Saturday is a taper week, and I can't believe I'm now saying this, we're only running 10 miles. The Saturday after is 14, the next week is 16, then 18.

And... ummmm.... this isn't familiar at all. Sure my group is sponsored by a running store... and you do pay to run races... and they do try to get you to buy gear and... err...

Just kidding. I love MIT! (Plus I did 3 of my 5 runs last week on the treadmill!)


  1. The Earth Day Challenge is a paved trail and very flat (except for the first few miles through town). I ran the half there last year and loved it - very pretty course, lots of water stops, and amazing food at the end. This year, I'm planning on doing the full marathon - hopefully there'll still be food left by the time I finish. :)