Monday, February 21, 2011

Indoor track blues

When I left work today ice was pelleting out of the sky. I get to the Y and, of course, every treadmill is full. Only one option left.... the 1/18 of a mile indoor track. I did two miles before ST, two after and then one when I came back for yoga. 90 laps total. Surprisingly, the room is not spinning around me.

(Sidenote: This sounds even more pathetic when I put it in print. I have got to get a life).

Fortunately there were some good distractions... Some general observations while running in the same circle over and over.

  • I tried zumba, and disliked it very much. I was well aware of how ridicoulus I looked in the process. But today I have zumba to thank. While I was running in circles, all the ridiculous looking people in the zumba class in the adjoining room kept me very entertained. 
  • Little kids trying to dribble basketballs that probably weigh more than they do is about the cutest thing ever.
  • Fathers trying to help their little kids do chinups is also very entertaining.
  • High school boys on the basketball court trying to impress the high school girls walking around the track by dunking and flexing is absolutely not the cutest thing ever. 
  • While we're on the topic, giggly high school girls that must walk slowly and take up the entire track are also far from the cutest thing ever.
  • Tom Petty's American Girl is a really good song.
  • I'm actually kind of sick of the Arcade Fire album that has been on top of my playlist for months.
  • I'm still not sick of the new Girltalk album.
  • I consider myself good at math. But while running I cannot count to 5 to save my life, hence...
  • I love the lap button on my Garmin

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  1. LOL, I forgot about my years of running laps on the track at the Y!