Sunday, December 19, 2010

New shoes: Mizuno Precision

Old shoe
An ode to my old shoes: The Asics Kayano was a fantastic shoe, it was lightweight and had a lot of stability. I put in 350 miles (wow) on those shoes with few aches and pains and no injury. They took me through my first 10K and my first 10-miler. 

But it's time to move on.

A lot has changed since I bought my Kayanos -- I've dropped about 30 pounds, my running form has shaped up and my stability has improved tenfold.

I got the Kayano at Fleet Feet, but this time I went to see Tim at Star Power Running in Newark. I was in there in September to buy my FuelBelt and he really knew his stuff.

He's a fan of the barefoot running movement -- Vibrams Five Fingers and whatnot. It's something I'm intrigued by but not ready to try yet. Anyway, Tim immediately said the Kayano was "too much shoe" for me and I tried on some lighter pairs.

New shoes

The first few -- don't know which models they were, exactly, had various issues. I tried a Brooks and a couple pairs of Sauconys. I finally settled on the Mizuno Precision -- kind of in the middle ground in terms of weight but felt about right.

I liked Star Power Running. It's just a little store inside the Newark Advantage Club, but the owner knows what he's doing.

We'll see how it works out!!


  1. I LOVE my Asics 2150's.. they've taken me 300 miles and no problems with aches and pains. Enjoy breaking in your new pair!