Thursday, December 9, 2010

Running hiatus: Kickboxing and yoga

I'm taking a little hiatus this week and next, except for the short holiday run in Columbus this Sunday. This is to recover from Saturday's 10-mile trail run, which thoroughly kicked my butt. This time it's going a little bit better than last time I tried, perhaps because it's 20 degrees outside and snowing -- an environment just slightly more inviting than the treadmill. It's now Thursday and I have yet to log any miles.

So how have I occupied myself?

MONDAY: Pure and simple laziness. I had the day off and, apart from a trip to Wally World and a dog walk, was a total bum. My legs were still incredibly sore and threatening to revolt if I dared make them work too hard.

TUESDAY: Thought I was being smart in planning my trip to the Newark Y around Glee to pass the hour on the elliptical blissfully. Fail. It wasn't on any of the televisions. Instead I cranked up the Decemberists and passed the time watching the two TVs in front of me. Three thoughts ran through my head: 1) Does the Julian Assange saga more closely resemble a John Grisham or Tom Clancy novel? This is a beautiful news story, just beautiful. B) Ok, I get why giddy girls go on game shows to put holiday ornaments around with hockey sticks, quite frankly for a million bucks I would too, but how on earth do they fill a studio audience in New York City to watch. C) (Venom against a certain cable news commentator) Really?

WEDNESDAY: Thought my legs were doing better until I started lifting lower. Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch. Took a yoga class. I'm slightly overcaffeinated so that whole relaxation thing is tough. I do like how you can lie on a mat for 5 minutes and it's somehow considered exercise. Get home and finally watch the Glee Christmas special. Cute, but could it be more obvious that they're just trying to sell music at this point?

THURSDAY: This is where I come home, collapse on the couch sweaty and exhausted. I actually got out of work early enough to make the 5 pm kickboxing class and it kicked my butt. Ouch. Add coordination to the long list of things I am not good at. Still it was fun to jump around and punch and kick. We even ran a little. I'll absolutely make this one again when I can.

FRIDAY: Not there yet. It might involve some Hulu. Maybe some Netflix. Maybe even some tacky Christmas specials.

There are a whole lot of classes at the Y, I'm anxious to try a lot of them.

One at a time.

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