Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Reality check

I'm shocked my alarm clock (aka as my cell phone) hasn't been chucked out the window by an angry Matt who is fed up with it going off every 10 minutes between 5 and 8 am.

Fortunately, he's a surprisingly sound sleeper. 

I'm subscribed to several health and fitness related e-newsletters, at least three of which decided to send out loving reminders this week that it is, in fact, more beneficial to get your lazy butt up and workout before work.

Shut up.

I know.

I get it.

It's not my fault the big yellow shiny thing in the sky doesn't show it's face until later now. It's not my fault mother nature chooses to coat my car with ice and fog making it that much harder to get out the earlier it is. This summer and fall I was awesome about getting it over with in the morning.

Not to mention I just hate going after work, but alas, I have chosen to sleep in every day for the past two weeks, so I have no choice.

I love the 6 am spin class at the Y Thursday. I also hear there's going to be a 6 am class that does P90X in January. Maybe that will be incentive enough.

Rant over. Til later...

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