Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thanks, Santa! (updated)

The fat man in the red suit up north was awful good to me this year.

First up is the Garmin 305 GPS sports watch with heart rate monitor, from my parents. I have to admit I was kind of dreading having to run this weekend but now I'm excited about it. Going to take it out for six miles later.

I had wanted the more-expensive Garmin 405, but it's still a little pricey. The 305 does pretty much everything the newer models do. The only drawback is that it's bulky. I hear you get used to it, though.

Edit: Just got back from my run. I love this thing! I ran six miles in Lakewood, Ohio, down Clifton to Webb, up to Lake, down to 117th, back down Clifton back to my parents'. My legs were yelling at me because I didn't stretch them last time I used them, but felt good otherwise. I kept trying to keep to a 10:30 pace, but every time I looked I was in 9:30 land. Haven't tried the heart rate monitor yet, that's my next chore.

Next up is a pair of Pearl Izumi gloves, also from my parents, from a higher-end running store here in Cleveland. They have a cool little mitten-type thing that pulls over them that I guess is good for wind resistance. They're lightweight, thermal and made out of wicking fabric.

Edit: I used these today too. Way better than the cheap-o Wally World gloves I've been using. The mitten thing helped keep my fingers warm for the beginning then it was easy to tuck it away.

I also got a Fuji Finepix J40 digital camera. I've been wanting a smaller one, and a plus is that it will fit in my FuelBelt so I can snap a couple pics when I'm out.

Matt got me a FuelBelt race number attachment, so now I need to pick out a good race to use it on.

Merry Merry Christmas!


  1. Hey, I just got the same one and took it out for the first run today. The good news is that it says I'm going faster than I thought (which is still pretty slow, but hey, I'll take it). I love it so far, especially the way it will let me track my progress in the software.

  2. I love my Garmin 305. I've heard there have been lots of issues with the 405 which is why I'm glad my Dad just decided to gimmie his old 305 instead of buying me a new watch.

    You definitely get used to the bulkiness. Try not to run with it everyday since it gets a bit obsessive (I know I became based on numbers only for about a month and it sucked all the run outta running).