Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve, aka happy flex account day!

I'm hoping this will be the same as the if-you-bring-an-umbrella-it-won't-rain-effect, or the if-you-remember-your-cell-phone-while-running-errands-after-work-the-boss-won't-call effect. If I buy a remarkable amount of first aid supplies, I won't get injured.... right?

To back up, overall I spent 25% less on out of pocket medical care this year. But it also meant that if I didn't run out my flex account it would all get swallowed by a greedy corporation. So off to WalMart I went. Then, due to an inability to perform basic addition, I went to CVS to buy an additional $20 worth.

I'm really bummed you can't use your flex account for OTC stuff next year. I cut the amount I put in to a third.

Today I bought the usual, an apocalypse survivor's supply of cold medicine, allergy medicine, pain killers, tummy smoothers, etc... It was pretty picked over due to everyone doing the same thing I did. I still had a ways to go.

Off to the band aid aisle! And this is where this post becomes relevant for a running blog. The loot is in the photograph above. And, since search engines like it when you mention lots of product names, I'll list it all here:

Two Ace wraps
Two boxes of Band-Aids
Two Curad instant cold packs
One Futuro Ankle brace
IcyHot Gel (and a box of CVS generic)
IcyHot No Mess Applicator
Mueller knee brace
CVS spray muscle relief
Tinactin powder spray (for itchy feet)
New Skin liquid bandage

Here's to 2011... where these goodies stay in the cabinet, untouched!

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