Monday, June 10, 2013

A blog to-do list

As if my life isn't already riddled with to do lists I've got one going for the blog too. At least this I can accomplish while comatose on the couch.

Traffic has been way up lately, woohoo! (A coincidence closely aligned with the fact that I've actually been posting.) I had 4,388 hits in May, and ten days into June I'm at 1,495. Wonder if I can hit 5,000?

But there are a lot of things on my blog that are deftly out of date. I'm going to:

  • Get rid of the three other pages and replace them with a new race results page, a bucket list page, oproducts and companies I like/and I dislike page and a bio/contact page Someday I'll do bucket list and products but that's enough for now
  • Replace the background image that I used as a placeholder a year ago and never fixed Not sure about the wine glass but can't figure out custom image
  • Change up the widgets on the side (I like the basic layout.) Find a featured post widget instead of the top 10 and an upcoming races widget.
  • Possibly find some widget for this other thing I'm working on.
  • Update blogroll
  • Update tags in recent posts
  • Delete drafts I'll never finish got all the recent ones, I'll get all the past ones eventually
Then there are a number of posts I want to do, which may or may not get done (crossed out when written, deleted when posted). 
  • I'm so sleepy -- why training is tiring but worth it
  • Keuka Lake photos
  • Garmin 310XT review 
  • Green tea is heavenly
  • My lazy vices
  • Enjoying Kershaw Park 
  • Para athletes 
  • Review: Powerbar fruit squeezes
  • Performance cycling 
  • Loving the Scootadoot ladies
  • Overview of special thing I'm working on 
  • First entry in special thing I'm working on 
  • Gooseberry hydration pack review
  • Asics cumulus review
  • SPI belt review
  • Cheap water bottles
  • Blogroll
So perhaps since I've put it down in writing...

Update 6/14
Blog improvements I'd like to make in the future
Do a bucket list and product review page
Go back further and update tags, delete drafts

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  1. Glad to see you are still blogging - I enjoy reading even though I don't always comment. :) Hope all is well.