Sunday, June 2, 2013

Keuka Lake Triathlon: What went right, where I could have done better

My results... what went right, where I could have done better (nothing went wrong), and should I do another in two weeks?

The Keuka Lake Triathlon, in a word: Awesome!!

I felt strong the entire way. The full report.

As I approach a race three times the length, I need to think about where my strong points are, and where I need to improve.

I also need to decide, very soon, if I want to do the Quakerman Triathlon olympic distance in two weeks near Buffalo. The pros and cons later in this post.

But first, the results!!
  • Overall time: 1:47:21
  • 820 yard swim: 24:00 (3:12 per 100 yards)
  • T1: 3:12
  • 13.6 mile bike: 50:00 (16.56 mph)
  • T2: 2:00
  • 3.1 mile run: 27:40 (8:55 minute mile)
  • 168/260 overall, 55th of females, 12/20 in my age group
What went right:
  • I felt very prepared with the transitions, and was pleased with my transition times! I was expecting at least 5 minutes in T1 but I was just over 3 minutes. Used some tips from Mary Eggers that helped! 
  • Running was my strong suit of course!! I finished very strong.
  • Glad I did so much spinning and practiced hills on the bike. The hills on this course were nothing!!

Where I could have done better:
  • It was my third time in open water, so clearly I need more practice! I was happy with my time, I was hoping for under 30 and I did that. I need more practice spotting, I felt like I was zigzagging a lot and probably swam much further than 820 yards! 
  • Again more open water practice! I missed having that wall where I traditionally take two pants on before I turn around (maybe I should have learned flip turns...) I found myself out of breathe a few times and switched to breaststroke. 
  • I could also stand to practice more swimming with other people. There were no unfortunate incidences, the people in my wave were wonderful, but I could definitely stand to work on it! 
  • Had some calf pain on the run. Need to foam roll and stretch like a madwoman this week. 
  • I should practice mounting and unmounting on the bike some more. It was a little hairy, not terrible.
  • I should probably get my bike form evaluated. I was fitted on the bike, but I've gotten off the past few times with slight back aches. 
  • I should have warmed up more. I thought two and a half hours before start time would be a long time but it went fast!!
  • I didn't get any photos! Jealous of everyone else's! 

Rookie mistakes:
  • I forgot transition closed! I had to ask one of the guys inside for my swim stuff. Fortunately he was cool about it! (And I knew where my bike was, third from the bag drop, yay!)
  • Bringing too much stuff. Now I know what I'll need and what I won't need. 

So, the Quakerman Triathlon is in two weeks, there's an olympic distance, and I need to decide quickly if I want to do it or not. The pros and cons of another race...

  • More race day transition practice! 
  • More open water swim practice with other people in open water
  • It looks like a smaller race

  • I'll lose another week to taper, and another weekend where I could be doing a long ride
  • I could use the registration fee elsewhere!

Of course, since the part I really really need practice on is the swim, maybe I could get a relay team together and just do that part! Or the aquabike... hmmm..... 

I'll think on it a little bit! 

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