Tuesday, June 18, 2013

PowerBar fruit blends: Not impressed

Powerbar Performance Energy Blends are really truly delicious, and everything about them sounds like they'd be a good product.

But they don't give me the same boost that the Honey Stingers and Gus do. When I take one on the bike or running after I start to feel tire or hungry, I feel no different ten minutes later.

Plus, at $3 each ($2.50 at my bike store), they're pricey!

Nutrition: There's no doubt that they're a better product than the more processed energy products. The ingredient list is short and the list of impossible-to-pronounce items is nil. Each pack is 80 calories.

Taste: Super yummy! Just like applesauce.

Packaging: I like how the cap closes so you can take a little at a time. I also like how it flattens.

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