Monday, June 24, 2013

Lessons learned from yesterday's jaunt around Geneva

Three weeks from today I will have completed this half iron.

Yesterday I went to Geneva to ride the bike course and run. Few things I took from the experience:
  • I'm starting to feel at ease with the 8-hour cutoff. The bike will definitely be under four, practicing that was a huge weight off my shoulders. 
  • I can't get through the bike course on just water, especially if it's hot outside. They hand out HEED on the course, must try it ahead of time or make myself little packets of Gatorade powder to mix in the water bottles.
  • I should try bananas and clif bars on the bike. That's the real food handed out on the course. I'm set for real food on the run. 
  • It looks like the aid stations on the bike and run will be well stocked. Wonder if it will be a bottle exchange? 
  • The hardest part of the course is that hill on Swick. Once I'm past Swick, it's downhill or flat. The uphill around mile 13-17 is also tough, going down 414 is the easy part.
  • Must remember body glide, and I won't want to forget my hat on the run. 
  • The hills on the run don't seem like they'll be bad. I did a few but not all. 

Some other thoughts: 
  • I'll hopefully have some time to visit some wineries before heading back Monday. Want to research. 
  • Want to start looking around for a tricycle for the MicroMussel. Or maybe I won't do it. It'll be a last minute decision. 
  • Very excited that Victoria has agreed to come. My nerves are racking up already and I'm glad a familiar face will be there. Just hope she won't be bored! 

I'm so nervous. 

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