Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bring it, Keuka Lake Triathlon

It's my first night in a college dorm since... College. The transition area is right outside.

I'm at Keuka College, nestled in between  Keuka Lake's two claws.

My first real triathlon is tomorrow. At this point I've trusted my training, and I'll do my best.

There's a lot to write, but I don't have the patience to type out a long post on my phone, so just a few notes.

Yesterday I was really worried. One reason was because I was afraid of open water. I swam for 20 minutes in Canandaigua, it felt great, no longer worried.

I've been so scared of forgetting something, so I double and triple checked my list. Pretty confident I have everything.

I've heard some people say the water is warm, others say its cold. Hopefully tolerable!

Great clinics this afternoon, learned a lot. 

It's 8 pm and I'm jittery and sleepy. Goodnight.

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