Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Review: Honey stingers... love 'em!

Honey stingers, both the gels and the chews, have become my go-to fuel.

They are Gluten Free, more natural than Gu (which I still use), and delicious.

I get both the gels and the chews. The gels seem to be better when I'm fading. The chews seem to be better when I feel hungry.

Supposedly a chocolate exists, but I haven't found it in the stores yet! I like vanilla the best.

Nutrition: Very high in sugar and have a few ingredients with long names, which I'm weary of but it's hard to avoid. Overall, though, much better than the alternatives. 100 to 160 calories per pack.

Taste: Really yummy! Since the ingredients are all natural, you don't get that awful syrupy artificial aftertaste.

Packaging: The gels are really easy to open. I had some trouble opening a pack of chews on the bike.


  1. I really need to get myself some of the stingers to test out! What flavors are your fave?

  2. They are wonderful! I like vanilla but I want to find the chocolate!